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Q     What's different between microwave roasting and regular roasting?

A    Microwave roasting is much easier to control with its parametrical approach to roasting. It allows for a more precise roast, as you can tinker with the microwave power on the fly without worrying about residual heat from the roaster. From our testing, we know that microwave roasting preserves more enzymatic aromas of the coffee while developing it fully.

Q     Are there any maintenance concerns with a microwave roaster?

A    We use Toshiba magnetrons in our microwave roaster. We've been using them on multiple machines for over 3000 batches each - without signs on slowing down. Maintenance-wise, its easy and headache free.

Q     How does microwave roasting work?

A    Microwave is a type of electromagnetic wave (like a heat lamp) that works by quickly "vibrating" molecules with polarity. These molecules exist in coffee beans in the form of various proteins, sugars, carbohydrates, and fats. As these molecules vibrate, heat is created, roasting the coffee bean.

Q     Why isn't there a sampler in your roaster?

A    We know that traditional coffee roasters normally have a sampler which you can take out and smell your roasted coffee with. We opted out of one because - through our testing, we've realized that it does more harm than good. When you take out the sampler, you introduce outside air to the drum, destabilizing its environment, affecting your coffee roasting process. Through testing, the effects of sampling is evident in our roasting graphs.

Q     Does microwave roasting dry out the coffee beans more than traditional methods?

A    No.

However, different roasting profiles will! Through our long term testing, we did not find a significant difference between a microwave roasted coffee versus a traditionally roasted coffee (in terms of loss weight, of course!)

Q     Is microwave roasting faster than normal roasting?

A    Due to its efficient nature, you can achieve shorter roast times with microwave roasting. However, in normal roasting settings, you can control your pace according to your roasting methodology! The best part about microwave roasting is its precise control. Therefore, feel free to roast to your own liking!

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